Globally grown and building a roster of local and international stars, Many Moods Music is our newly formed New York based music label engaged in scouting, developing, and marketing new independent talent. Launched in May 2012, MMM signed their first international artist, Justin Egling aka Jmaxx. Signing Jmaxx to MMM’s label has created an additional catalog consisting of dance, House and Electro pop music. Linda Felder’s ingenuity, led her to team JMAXX with top Grammy and Gold award winning producers and engineers in the industry, allowing MMM’s sound to be competitive.

Many Moods artists are teamed with top grammy award winning producers and and music award winning engineers in the industry, allowing our sound to be competitive in the market place.

Eric McCallaghan, one of South Africa’s most-released trance and progressive music producers, has had 3 Top 40 songs on the 5 FM charts in the course of 1 week. While on BMG Records, Eric co-produced tracks for artists like Patricia Lewis, TK-ZEE, Helene Henn and Sugardrive. His remix work for Bellissima went Gold.

Paul McIver also from South Africa produces high profile artists, with many of his projects earning SAMA nominations. His “In the Meantime” by Watershed went Gold and became a household name.

Craig Bauer is an American and a two time Grammy award winning producer and a 5 time Grammy nominee with accolades in various genres and credits on well over 50 albums.

Newcomer to the music scene is Young Producer Kriss from Atlanta USA, she is no slacker when it comes to producing hits. She too has worked with several notables in the entertainment industries and is quickly making a name for herself.

Michael Kolbe president of Black Envelope Films in South Africa and international film producer and director, directed and produced the video Born To Be Famous and has worked on major video and film projects. Currently he has produced Awakening Truth Trailer and Film, Mzansi Film Festival Promotions, Madjoy on the radio, Toy Toy Television, and several documentaries and television commercials, including South Africa’s BETV.

Werner Botes president of PR Collective in South Africa touts such clients as Universal records, South African Idol Zita, BMW, Bovarian Motorcycles and a long list of reputable clients. PR Collective has successfully designed and implemented promotional and marketing campaigns to bring brand awareness and media relations to major and independent companies and music artists, including JMAXX.

With a global team of top producers, engineers, videographers and knowledgable industry professionals working side by side with Many Moods Music, Jmaxx and his new single, 'Born to be Famous', is just the first to come in a long line of hit songs and super stars.

New Single J-Maxx – Born to be Famous

New Single – J-Maxx – Kiss Of The Spider

Welcome to Many Moods Records

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Many Moods Music
41 Schermerhorn Street, Suite 135, Brooklyn, New York 11201
Phone: (917) 622-2694